Klis Fortress

Do you share the Game of Thrones passion like millions of other people in the world? Have you ever wondered where the scenes were taken? Well, now you have the opportunity to find it out with us. Although being quite recognized by the outside world, Klis is no more than a suburb with around 4.000 inhabitants altogether. This location was chosen for its historic look and the medieval fortress, making the place ageless and ideal for this type of filming. Not to forget, the fort is one of the most important national symbols of resistance against Turks. Taking you on a trip across all three Game of Thrones filming locations, which can make anyone feel as if they were starring in the series or at least participated in the making. Dubrovnik was the Croatian location to host the series in the fall of 2012, and no more than a year later HBO crew was back, hungry for more episodes. The sightseeing starts off at the heart of Split, in Diocletian`s Palace which dates back to the 4th century. For this unique occasion, tourists are brought to see the streets that were transformed into Meereen, plenty of cellars and Daenarys throne chambers as well. Klis, our main topic, brings the actors on a top of one cliff to continue with plotting against each other throughout seasons 4 and 5. The lonely surroundings give a better view on the nature of Dalmatia and the Adriatic Sea, with some amazing sights. You can feel the fresh air of Klis area when taking a thorough walk in hopes of reliving the original Game of Thrones scenery. Finally, you are arriving at Žrnovica River to take a look at the running stone-made water mill that is as old as the series timeline. Some visitors might enjoy this part the most, for the locals preparing traditional barbecue along with a homemade bread directly from the mill, including wine. Upon finishing the tour, we recommend a stay at Split for a couple more days, to get to know the beauties which extend all over the town. You simply must not leave before taking a swim in the refreshingly clean Adriatic. Holiday is written all over the place.