Krka Waterfalls

Situated nearby the town of Šibenik, National Park Krka is one of eight beauties of Croatian nature. The complex wholeness is consisted of numerous caves and pits, even tuff. However, the park is most-known for seven travertine waterfalls - the topic we are taking a look at today. Favourite by number of visitors is definitely Skradinski buk, the longest barrier throughout the landmark. Its waters are a mixture of common Cikola and Krka rivers combined into a waterfall through and through. With a length of 800 meters, this Krka waterfall stretches out over around 45 meters of height. For all tourists out there, Skradin can be reached via Knin-Drnis-Tromilja-Lozovac or the Šibenik-Tromilja-Lozovac road. Boat transport is also available every year starting April, all until November when it becomes inappropriate for weather conditions.15.2.2018.

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Klis Fortress

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